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After the Illness Came I Went     WSQ: Beauty, Spring/Summer 2018

From Underwater     WSQ: Beauty, Spring/Summer 2018

Congenitus     WSQ: Beauty, Spring/Summer 2018

Rite of Forgiveness     Fjords Review, Volume 4 Issue 1

We Must Build With Purpose     Hayden's Ferry Review, Issue 58

To His Brother, Gustavo     Winter Tangerine, Summer 2016 

From the Funeral     Sou'wester, Spring 2016

To Consume     Sou'wester, Spring 2016

Tell Me     The Los Angeles Review, No. 19

Confession     Witness, Winter 2015

Bless This Mess     Tinderbox Poetry, Fall 2015

Confession     Tinderbox Poetry, Fall 2015

Father, We Are Two Birds On Fire     San Pedro River Review, Spring 2015

Somewhere Over Nevada I Realize    Tupelo Quarterly, TQ3

Desire, the Tree We Climbed Upon    Colorado Review, Summer 2014

My Rule Was Always This     The Boiler, Spring 2014

Time is Also a Molecule     The Boiler, Spring 2014

Burial Ground     Edge, v8

To Cure     InDigest, #26